My Services

General Information

Any of the below services may be provided on an individual, couple, family, group, organizational, or workshop basis. Services may be provided in my office or a client's environment, depending on your specific needs. Services may also be provided remotely via internet, video, phone, text, or e-mail, on a case-by-case basis.

Personal Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, or therapy for short, talk therapy, and counseling are all interchangeable terms that refer to a talk-based method of helping clients discover, understand, and improve their relationships with themselves or others. The goal of most therapy is to help clients deal more effectively, healthily, and happily with current life challenges or changes, past traumas, and other difficult situations. As a result of therapy, clients are often able to change or improve thoughts, moods, feelings, behaviors, patterns, reactions, and communications that are unwanted, uncontrollable, or no longer serve their lives. Therapy can also help to uncover and work through the underlying causes of one's challenges; therefore, a discussion of one's past, present, or future may take place depending on the client and their specific goals. If you are unsure if therapy would be fitting or helpful for your particular situation, please take a moment to view the Who I Help and My Approach pages for more information or Contact Me to setup a FREE phone consultation. The FAQ page also includes a more complete list of common reasons people enter therapy and discusses the differences between marriage and family therapists, clinical counselors, social workers, and other helping professionals.

Psychological Assessments and Evaluations

During the course of therapy, or as a stand-alone service, clients may also be in need of an assessment or evaluation in order to determine some aspect of their condition(s) and/or decide the most appropriate direction to take in the treatment process. Assessments and evaluations most often track or measure personality, culture, thought structures, attitudes, abilities, aptitudes, achievements, interests, personal characteristics, development level, communication/learning styles, and/or emotional and behavioral actions. Assessments/evaluations might include selecting, administering, scoring, and interpreting tests, conducting research or surveys, or utilizing data, instruments, and other tools/methods to gather necessary information. If you have questions about the types of assessments/evaluations that might be relevant to you, please Contact Me.

Research, Advocacy, and Court-Related Services

During the course of therapy, or as a stand-alone service, clients may want or need me to conduct research pertaining to their treatment or condition that is above and beyond the normal scope of therapy. Clients may also want or need me to advocate for them to receive certain outside services, help them connect with an outside agency, or consult with relevant academic or legal entities. Clients may also need me to be present for or provide expert testimony during in a legal proceeding. If you have questions about what types of research, advocacy, or court-related services I can provide, please Contact Me.

Psychological Services for Business


As a former accounting and financial consultant and current psychological professional/business owner, I am uniquely positioned to provide human-centered perspectives and services pertaining to your business or organization. Whether you need to better understand the psychology behind employee behavior or organizational effectiveness, gain insight into the minds of your talent or customer pools, streamline a stressful or unproductive process, or your employee engagement programs need an overhaul, I can help. I can propel your company's success and deliver holistic solutions by conducting research, leveraging data, facilitating training and workshops, and delivering customized executive/managment coaching to optimize your organization to its fullest potential. If you want to learn more about how I can help you and your business, please Contact Me.


I offer customized executive coaching as a stand-alone service or as one part of a larger, organizational package. Executive coaching is for leaders who wish to improve their communication skills, reduce fear surrounding big change, implement change confidently, increase employee engagement, revamp culture, resolve conflicts with ease, and handle diversity and inclusion issues more effectively. Whether you need to better understand, collaborate with, and encourage your employees, improve your confidence, reduce fear or resistance surrounding a large change, obtain buy-in from the rest of your C-suite, or even feel better prepared for a big presentation, engaging in executive coaching can help. Over the years, I have worked with a variety of different learning styles and personalities, helping many top leaders increase productivity, complete mission-critical changes, improve flexibility, and renew focus. I also offer services like leadership effectiveness evaluations, training on empathy, diversity and inclusion issues, and help to ensure leaders are future-ready. Coaching tends be short-term, results-focused, and action-oriented. Coaching can also help leaders increase personal motivation and find passion and purpose in their organizational missions. If you are unsure whether coaching could address the specific issues you face, please feel free to Contact Me, and I will be happy to help you choose the service or solution that best meets your needs.


With experience facilitating 100s of workshops across a variety of financial, corporate, and mental health settings, I have helped thousands of people improve communication, increase empathy and understanding, work better in teams, increase accountability, reduce anxiety, and ramp up employee engagement. I work together with clients to create customized, solution-focused curricula to drive results, improve outcomes, and improve relationships across groups and organizations. Clients who have taken my workshops report increased focus and productivity, reduced fear, increased ability to take action, positive and inclusive culture changes, better relationships, and improved communication across all levels. Please feel free to Contact Me and we can schedule a workshop for your group or team today!